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Guest: Michael Duffy
"The President's Club"
Website http://www.simonandschuster.com

Prominent Trial Attorney, Jack Girardi interviews Michael Duffy. Duffy was named assistant managing editor of TIME in 2005. He joined the magazine in 1985 as a Pentagon correspondent and has been at the center of the magazine’s political coverage for the past 20 years. Duffy has written or co-written more than 40 TIME cover stories. He is also a regular contributor to TIME.com. Duffy served as TIME’s Washington bureau chief from 1997 to 2005. Previously, he was a national political correspondent, and, from 1986 to 1996, covered Congress and both the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Most recently, Duffy is the co-author, with TIME editor-at-large Nancy Gibbs, of the The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House (Center Street, 2007), an account of Billy Graham’s unique and complex relationship with each of the last 11 American presidents. He is also the co-author of Marching in Place: the Status Quo Presidency of George Bush, published in 1992 by Simon & Schuster.

Duffy is a two-time recipient of the Gerald R. Ford award for distinguished reporting: once in 1994 for his coverage of the presidency, and again in 2004 for his reporting on national defense. In 1997, he worked nearly full-time on campaign finance scandals with TIME’s Michael Weisskopf and Viveca Novak. The trio earned the 1998 Goldsmith Award for investigative reporting from the Joan Shorenstein Center at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. A native of Columbus, Ohio, Duffy graduated from Oberlin College in 1980 and currently lives in Chevy Chase, Md., with his wife and their three sons.

“The President's Club” :

It's hard to imagine a more obviously fascinating prism through which to look at American history and politics since the end of World War II. Starting with the surprisingly effective relationship of Harry S. Truman and Herbert Hoover, and following through "Obama and His Club,” TIME Magazine's Executive Editor Nancy Gibbs and Washington Bureau Chief Michael Duffy trace the surprising, complicated story of "the world's most exclusive fraternity." Sitting presidents and their predecessors have at times proved remarkably simpatico, at others impossible thorns in each other's sides. The authors' extensive research demonstrates that ex-Presidents have a penchant for morphing from consummate team players into irascible rogues, sometimes within weeks, as they strive both to remain relevant and to shape their own legacies. In Gibbs and Duffy's hands, their stories never fail to captivate

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Guest: Michael Duffy
"The President's Club"
Website http://www.simonandschuster.com

Girardi & Keese
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