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Guest: Michael Mandelbaum
Author of “The Road to Global Prosperity”
Website: www.simonandschuster.info

Michael Mandelbaum is the Christian A. Herter Professor of American Foreign Policy at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. A regular foreign affairs columnist for Newsday, Mandelbaum is the author or co-author of nine books, including The Ideas That Conquered the World: Peace, Democracy, and Free Markets in the Twenty-First Century.

THE BOOK: “The Road to Global Prosperity”

IN That Used to Be Us, the bestseller Michael Mandelbaum wrote with Thomas L. Friedman, the authors analyzed the challenges America faces, including globalization, and described a path to recovering America’s greatness.

In The Road to Global Prosperity, Mandelbaum, one of America’s leading authorities on international affairs, looks at recent developments that call into question our optimism about the world’s economic future: the financial meltdown of 2008, Europe’s troubled currency, the reduced growth of China, India, and other emerging nations. He shows that while the global economy will face major challenges in the years ahead, there are powerful reasons to believe that globalization will continue to make the world richer.

Mandelbaum examines the politics of the global economy and explains why globalization is both irreversible and a positive force for the United States and the world. As technology and free markets expand and national leaders realize that their political power depends on delivering prosperity, countries are likely to cooperate more and fight less. As more nations connect, their economies will grow. As immigration increases, as more money crosses borders, and as more countries emerge from poverty, individuals and societies around the world will benefit.

The Road to Global Prosperity illuminates the crucial political issues that will determine the economic future. Mandelbaum makes a persuasive case for optimism and offers a concrete, practical guide to the economic challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Guest: Peter Lance
Author of “Deal with the Devil
Website: www.peterlance.com

As a former ABC News correspondent, Peter Lance covered hundreds of stories world-wide for 20/20, Nightline, and World News Tonight. Among his awards are the RFK Journalism Prize and the AP’s Sevellon Brown Award. In 2010 he was appointed research scholar at the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies and he currently lives in California.

THE BOOK: “Deal with the Devil”

Five-time Emmy award-winning investigative reporter Peter Lance discloses the shocking true story of Colombo family capo Gregory Scarpa Sr. who spent more than thirty years as a paid Top Echelon FBI informant while committing or ordering more than fifty murders and wreaking havoc as a drug dealer, loan shark, bank robber, hijacker, and high-end securities thief.

Drawing on 1,153 pages of newly uncovered secret memos—which went to every FBI Director from J. Edgar Hoover to Louis Freeh—Lance documents how more than half of Scarpa’s homicides were committed in the period from 1980 to 1992, when his handler was former FBI Supervisory Special Agent R. Lindley DeVecchio, the celebrated case agent on the 1985-86 Mafia Commission prosecution, who ran two organized crime squads in the FBI’s New York Office. After four murder charges against DeVecchio were dismissed in 2007, a New York state Supreme Court judge described the FBI’s association with Scarpa as a “deal with the devil.”

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Guest: Michael Mandelbaum
Author of “The Road to Global Prosperity”
Website: www.simonandschuster.info

Guest: Peter Lance
Author of “Deal with the Devil
Website: www.peterlance.com

Jack Girardi
Website: www.girardikeese.com

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Executive Producer and Host
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