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Larry Tye Superman, the High Flying History of Ausrica's Most Enduring Hero
Robert Dugoni “The Conviction”

Guest: Larry Tye
"Superman, the High Flying History of Ausrica's Most Enduring Hero"
Website http://www.larrytye.com/about/

Prominent Trial Attorney, Jack Girardi interviews Larry Tye , a prize-winning journalist at The Boston Globe and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. He is the author of Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend (one of The New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of 2009) The Father of Spin, Home Lands, and Rising from the Rails and co-author, with Kitty Dukakis, of Shock. Tye is currently at work on a biography of Robert Kennedy for Random House. He lives in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero Starts long before the doomed planet of Krypton was destroyed and its lone orphan's arrival on his adopted planet earth...it begins in the midst of the great depression... with Jerry Siegel, a shy, awkward teenager in Cleveland. Raised on adventure tales and robbed of his father at a young age, Jerry dreamed of a hero for a boy-- and a world --that desperately needed one.

Together with neighborhood chum and kindred spirit Joe Shuster, young Siegel conjured a human-sized god who was everything his creators yearned to be: handsome, stalwart, and brave, able to protect the innocent, punish the wicked, save the day, and win the girl. Superman has changed with the times...and every new medium in which the man of steel has been featured has given the character new aspects and new facets...sometimes even new powers. Superman has been adopted by every generation since his creation nearly 8 decades ago...and continues to be a relevant hero for today and tomorrow. Larry Tye has written the definitive study of the Last Son of Krypton, and we're delighted to welcome him to the Law Business Insider.

Guest: Robert Dugoni
"The Conviction"
Website: http://www.robertdugoni.com/index.html

Prominent Trial Attorney, Jack Girardi interviews Robert Dugoni, New York Times Best-selling author, who has been writing his entire life. Born in Pocatello, Idaho, Dugoni was raised in Burlingame, California, where his dream of being a writer was cemented in the seventh grade.

Dugoni’s love of writing took him to Stanford University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in journalism before obtaining his doctorate of jurisprudence from the UCLA School of Law.

For 13 years, Dugoni practiced law full-time, but never wavered from his writing dreams. In 1999, he decided to give up his full-time practice and moved to Seattle to write novels.

10 years and 4 novels later, his award-winning books, now published internationally in 17 countries, have established Dugoni as an A-list writer in the crowded Legal Thriller genre.
In this gripping, high-octane legal thriller by critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni, a father steps outside the law and does whatever it takes to save his son, trapped in a juvenile detention center from hell.

Lawyer David Sloane is desperate to get through to his troubled teenaged son Jake. Still reeling from the devastating loss of his mother in a brutal murder, Jake has spiraled out of control and Sloane has barely been able to keep him out of jail. So when his old friend, detective Tom Molia, suggests that Sloane and Jake join him and his son T.J .on a camping trip, Sloane gratefully accepts. What Sloane imagines will be the perfect excursion to spend quality time with his son out of harm's way, turns into a horrifying nightmare when Jake and TJ are caught vandalizing a general store late at night and sentenced by the presiding judge to six months in the county-owned wilderness detention camp, Fresh Start.

As Sloane fights the conviction against the boys, he discovers that local judge Earl Boykin's authority seems to extend far beyond the confines of his courtroom. Meanwhile, Jake and TJ find that the detention center has a very different purpose than rehabilitating troubled youths. With their legal options exhausted and their boys lives on the line, Sloane and Molia hatch an unlikely rescue operation to save the teens.

Jack Girardi, Partner at Girardi Keese, is one of America's Finest Trial Lawyers and our Co-Host, as always, brings out the most important key elements to the success of today's guests. He and his firm have been dedicated to working hard and getting the best possible recovery for its clients.

Girardi & Keese's mission is to provide aggressive representation of individuals and businesses who have been injured in sous way, whether by physical harm, property damage, damage to business, or damage to economic interests. Girardi & Keese has two offices in California: Downtown Los Angeles and San Bernardino. www.girardikeese.com

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Guest: Larry Tye
"Superman, the High Flying History of Ausrica's Most Enduring Hero"
Website http://www.larrytye.com/about/

Robert Dugoni
"The Conviction"
Website: http://www.robertdugoni.com/index.html

Girardi & Keese
Website: www.girardikeese.com



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