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Friday, 01 December 2006 17:00

Featured Guests:

 Roy Black
Roy Black
Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.    www.royblack.com
 Judith Wood Judy Wood
Law Offices of Judith Wood and Jess Moorman

Marvin Goodson Co-host Marvin Goodson
Goodson Wachtel &
Petulis APC


Roy Black is one of the nation's premier trial lawyers.  "No one is as well prepared or has the presence in court of Roy Black" Chambers and Partners Legal Guide recently noted. “According to sources nationwide, he is ‘uniquely gifted in front of juries;[and is] so good he is famous for it. His creativity, resourcefulness and fine cross-examination skills stand out: ‘It's like poetry in motion: each person gets unique treatment.’"

With more than 35 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, he has handled hundreds of cases in Florida and throughout the United States. As a top-notch trial attorney, he also handles select civil lawsuits, offering his clients a complete service in high-stakes cases.

Roy is best known for his successful defense of William Kennedy Smith on rape charges in Palm Beach, Florida, and also successfully defended Eller Media in charges stemming from the bus-bench electrocution of a 12-year-old boy in Miami; Albertson's, Inc., when the State of Florida charged the Fortune 500 company with manslaughter in the death of a shoplifter; and artist Peter Max in New York. Other noteworthy clients include Rush Limbaugh, South Florida police officers Luis Alvarez and William Lozano and banker Fred De la Mata.  He recently successfully defended a Miami jewelry supplier and his sales manager of charges they launderedmore than $8 million in cocaine profits for Colombian drug lords.

Roy is currently serving as an NBC News legal analyst, appearing regularly on "The Today Show" (NBC) and other NBC and MSNBC news programs. In the past, he has been a frequent guest commentator on legal issues for national television network news shows such as CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer." The author of Black's Law, a book that recounts the strategies and tactics he employed to safeguard the freedom of four clients, Roy has also taught advanced criminal evidence at the University of Miami School of Law for over 30 years.

Marvin Goodson, is one of the nation’s leading experts on Estate Tax Planning and the “father” of the family Trust, which he originally created in 1952.   Marvin has a extraordinary experience in tax, estate planning and administration, trust and probate lititgation, and business organization and transactions.

On today’s show, Marvin shows you how easy and necessary it is to get started, guiding you through the process, or putting your plan into action by:  

1. Making sure your current needs and future wishes are met
2. Ensure the desired distribution of your assets. Minimize taxes, expenses, and unnecessary delays. Appoint guardians to care for your children. Provide financial security for your family. Make provisions in case you become incapacitated.  
3. How to choose an attorney to assist in planning, preparing documents, and selecting a trustee.  
4. Exploring Estate Planning Alternatives  
5.  Implement Your Plan

Last but not least, by any stretch of the imagination, is one of Los Angeles’ top immigration attorneys Judy Wood partner in the Law Offices of Judith Wood and Jess Moorman, 213 680-7801.   Among some of the areas Judy discusses for employers and immigrants are:

How to win Asylum cases
North Korean Human Rights Act of 2005
The Racial ID Act
Immigration Courts
Current legislation in Congress like the ‘Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism & Illegal Immigration Act of 2005’.
Listen to our very knowledgeable guests and feel free to call them for free consultation.  They are here for all of us to get the best outcomes in sometimes difficult, frustrating and sometime potential dangerous or devastating situations.  

Hosted by Steve Murphy.
Steve Murphy

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Roy Black
Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.   

Judy Wood
Law Offices of Judith Wood and Jess Moorman

Marvin Goodson
Goodson Wachtel & Petulis APC


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